Thursday, March 29, 2012

Summer & Fall Early Registration Reminder & Information

This is a reminder that early registration for the Summer and Fall 2012 academic terms starts next week, Tuesday April 3rd, beginning with graduate students and special priority undergraduate groups.

For a complete list of early registration start dates by academic level, please visit:
Meningitis Vaccination Requirement:  New, transfer, and returning students under the age of 30 will need to provide meningitis immunization documentation prior to being allowed to register for courses.
  • Students will be able to submit their immunization documentation directly to either the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Student Records for immediate processing. 
  • Students wishing to utilize the distance education exemption will be allowed to register for courses that have been coded in the system as being 100% online (no face-to-face component), regardless of the student’s immunization status.  Students no longer have to complete a request form to utilize this exemption.
  • For more information on the meningitis vaccination requirement and procedures, please visit

For general registration information, please visit