Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Student Newspaper - The Lasso!

The TWU Lasso is trying to print stories without paper. This would be nearly impossible without the help of the Internet. Now, Pioneers and Dentonites will be able to log onto for daily updates, blogs, podcasts and news.

“The Lasso website is going to revolutionize how Pioneers get their news,” said Editor-in-Chief Aaron Claycomb. “I am confident that the quality, design and writing can compete with any major news organization in the country.”

The Lasso’s website officially launched in Aug. 2011 with stories from the summer editions. The website functions like a newspaper with different sections ranging from news to sports to arts & entertainment. Not only will printed content be reposted on the website but follow-ups and online-only content will also make its way into the TWU cyberspace.