Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The State of Distance Education at TWU

For the fourth consecutive semester, the number of students enrolled in Distance Education (DE) courses at Texas Women’s University has increased. This statement holds true both of students taking a mix of DE and face-to-face courses and those taking DE courses only.

For the fall 2010 semester a total of 7,439 students at TWU were enrolled in at least one DE course. Of those students 3,758 were taking only DE courses.

Distance education is defined as a course or program in which over 50 percent of the instruction is delivered via satellite, compressed video, Internet, or other electronic means. Under the umbrella of Distance Education, courses are further classified as either Fully DE or Hybrid DE. Fully DE courses are delivered 85 to 100 percent electronically, and Hybrid/Blended courses are delivered more than 50 but less than 85 percent electronically.

Here are some other quick facts about the state of distance education at TWU for the fall 2010 semester:

  • Through distance education we offer 18 graduate degrees (some of which can be earned 100 percent online), nine undergraduate completion degrees and six certificates.
  • 276 faculty members from each of TWU’s four colleges teach via DE.
  • Students taking DE courses only account for 26 percent of the total TWU enrollment.
  • TWU offered 719 distance learning course sections.
  • The majority of the DE-only students live in the Metroplex followed by the Gulf Coast Region, followed by out-of-state students.
  • The majority of our out-of-state, DE-only students live in Oklahoma, followed by Arkansas, Louisiana and California. We even have students from as far away as Alaska!
  • The majority of our DE-only students are 22 to 30 years old, closely followed by 31 to 40-year-olds.

For more information about distance education at Texas Woman’s University, please review the fall 2010 Distance Education Snapshot that is available online at www.twu.edu/de or call the Distance Education Unit of the Office of Lifelong Learning at 940.898.3409.