Thursday, July 31, 2008

Academic Advising Reorganization

From Dr. Judith Bean, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies...

Under the planned reorganization and decentralization of academic advising, formerly assigned to the Academic Advising Center, the location of advisors has now changed; the former Academic Advising Center (HDB 202) has been discontinued.

A list of names, contact information, and new advisor locations by college can be found online at College advisors listed below will advise freshmen; other students will be advised as directed by the respective college advising plans.

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Westley Gillum & Tasha Garrett
CFO 1204 / CFO 1203
940-898-3853/940-898-3852 /

Nursing (CON)
Any Nursing Advisor
ASB 216

Professional Education (COPE)
Student Support Services
SH 211

College of Health Sciences (CHS)
Sonja Widman
HDB 202E

ACT 13