Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you suffer from lost files? Or infected ones? STEP is here to help!

STEP is our student technology training program, a peer-to-peer group specifically designed to help students with whatever technology needs they may have.

**Valentine's Day special: STEP will be giving away one 512MB flash drive at each session this week to a lucky TWU student in honor of Valentine's. This device may be all you need to rekindle the spark in your technical relationships!**

Tuesday, Feb. 12: File Management - Foster that loving bond with your computer. Don't get frustrated when it files away your documents, communicate with it. Learn how to listen and see just where it's keeping your information safe and secure. Never lose a file again with this presentation on a fundamental computer skill.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Computer Virus Protection - Although it may seem your computer is driving you crazy on purpose, it probably isn't able to control itself. Everyone hates being sick, even your computer, and that unexplained, mysterious behavior might be a sign of a pretty serious infection, not a crack in your relationship. With the tools in this presentation, you can nurse your computer, and your relationship, back to health.

Our presentations are at 12:30 in the Student Union, finished in plenty of time for class at 1. We are in room 207 this week. Bring your lunch and learn about technology. As always, our handouts are available on our website at if you are unable to attend.