Monday, October 15, 2007

Student Technology Empowerment Program

STEP is our student technology training program, a peer-to-peer group specifically designed to help students with whatever technology needs they may have.

Our contests are still going on. The first is for a 512MB STEP flash drive. Our bulletin board has been updated for October, and the list of questions will be available on the web site this week. Correctly answer them and bring the list to our party on Halloween. All complete lists will be eligible for the drawing. The second contest is for a snazzy prize pack also to be given away at the Halloween party. To participate, you must come to each session and get that day's clue. Completed puzzles will be collected at the party and entered in the drawing for the prize package.

Tuesday, Oct. 16: Computer Infections: Virus Protection - Viruses can be spread without your knowledge, so it's best to be forewarned with as much information as possible. This presentation will help you protect your computer as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Wednesday, Oct. 17: Spyware - Hiding under a variety of names (mal-ware, adware, hijackware), spyware is as much of a threat as viruses. Different protection is required, however, so come to this presentation to find out how to cover all your bases.

Our presentations are at 12:30 in the Student Union, finished in plenty of time for class at 1. We are in room 207 this week. Bring your lunch and learn about technology. As always, our handouts are available on our website at if you are unable to attend.